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Accommodation Guide. Spanish only

Accommodation Guide. Spanish only

Many of you have informed us about a potential visit to Argentina to be present during the Festival days. Unfortunately, and considering the ad-honoren nature of the organization, we don’t count with founds to pay for accommodation fees and such. At any rate, if you still wish to visit us, here’s a basic guide with hotels, local transportation, directions from Buenos Aires (Capital City) to San Nicolás, restaurants and interesting touristic spots.

Also, the Otros Cines team have their own jobs besides diving into the crazy land of organizing an International Indie Film Festival and sadly, no one will be able to pick you up at Ezeiza International Airport if you decide to come. Meaning that you at least, should get your whole stay planned and sorted out before hand in order to safely make your way to our city. Despite everything, we’ll be glad if you’d like to visit our place and if we get a good number of international visitors, Leticia (our International Communication Producer) might be able to organize something. Argentina’s a warm and welcoming country but of course, we also have our separate jobs! 😉 For more inquiries, contact us here

► Download the Festival’s Super Basic Tourist Guide here (SPANISH ONLY)

Opening Film: “The last trip” by Mathieu Orcel

Opening Film: “The last trip” by Mathieu Orcel

We’re truly glad with the great amount of submissions we received this year. Today, we’re announcing that the film “The Last Trip”” by Mathieu Orcel will be the Opening Film for the 9º Edition of the Otros Cines International Film Festival. The Official Programme will soon be up for downloads with all the screening dates information.

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Miyu Distribution joins Otros Cines 2018

Miyu Distribution joins Otros Cines 2018

The French based producer and distributor MIYU Distribution has just joined us in the 2018 edition of Otros Cines Indie Film Festival as one of our sponsors. It is a pleasure for us to count with them as our sponsors, supporting the heavy work done by the Otros Cines team.

Specializing in international sales and distribution of animated short films, the company distributes the final films of the main animation schools, as well as films of independent production structures. Some of their works will be part of the 2018 grid. In this occasion, we’ll have the pleasure of hosting a special section dedicated to animation for students from different schools in the city. More information to come soon.

(Español) La Cooperativa Obrera se suma a la Muestra Otros Cines

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Le damos una cálida bienvenida a la Cooperativa Obrera, una empresa constituida en Bahía Blanca con más de 120 sucursales en todo el país, quienes serán nuestros nuevos auspiciantes para colaborar con el desarrollo de la Muestra Otros Cines 2018 ¡Muchas gracias!

Admitting submissions

Over 20 different countries from all over the world have sent their works through the different festival platforms as well as our email address that was specifically created for that.

It’s highly important to mention that the downloading process takes some times due to t he large amount of material that’s being received. Therefore, to receive a confirmation of said delivery might take a bit on all cases. At any rate, all doubts and inquiries will be replied in its due time.

Otros Cines joins I am a Film

Through an invitation from the Cairo film director Bahaa el Gamal, Otros Cines has been included in the indie movie festival plattform “I am a film,” whose focus is placed in productions from the Arab world, Middle East and Africa. This will allow us to open another door to the indie cinema in other continents, which will certainly be an extremely rich experience.

Collaboration with “Cine no Visto” of Linares (Andalusia)

With great joy we’re pleased to announce Otros Cines has formed an alliance with the 3rd Independent Film Festival of Linares “Unseen Cinema”. Said organization shares the ideas of Otros Cines in regards of making it easier for indie movies to be shown, especially when the production budget is low and their creators try their hardest to deliver the best resulting product they can achieve.

As such, Otros Cines will have its own focus during the days in which “Cine no Visto” (“Unseen Cinema” in Spanish) takes place, with a selection of local productions. The same will happen in the inverse situation when Otros Cines finally arrives in September, and we’ll be able to count with their films, making the exchange a fantastic opportunity to discover yet another set of makers at the other side of the Atlantic.

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