She was born in Empalme, Villa Constitución in 1958.

She studied Visual Arts at the Faculty of Humanities and Arts of the National University of Rosario and researched and perfected in various loom sewing techniques.

Currently she works as a teacher at the Municipal Painting Workshop of the Culture Undersecretary of San Nicolás de los Arroyos.

She has made individual and collective exhibitions and participated in municipal and national painting salons.

On this occasion, she presents as the main theme of her works “THE FISHES,” which unconsciously appear between lines and colors and also, consciously connect her with the happy moments and nature, related to experiences from her childhood living close to the Paraná river.

Her works are exhibited in the Art Gallery of the Municipal Theater, during the screen days of the Otros Cines Indie Film Festival.

  • Dates and opening times: from Wednesday 19th to Sunday 23rd of September at the Gallery site, located in Maipú 22.