Movies reflect the characteristics of an era and the viewer’s eye mutates until one day, some of them decide to place themselves at the other side of the screen.

This festival of a non-competitive nature is intended to provide space for independent directors who decided to leave the theater seats to create and explore different points of view, real or fictional stories. The nature of these productions requires a lot of personal and team effort, counting with little to no budget but large amounts of compromise to deliver the best possible product according to the typical production limitations.

Considering this situation, since 2009, the mission of the Otros Cines Indie Film Festival is to offer the local public a window to all this intense universe to facilitate a dialogue between the creator and the viewer, both with the projection of the films and the face-to-face conferences with the filmmaker with the audience.

A unique opportunity to connect the world’s creators with the public of a city in Argentina, South America, eager to discover new horizons.

Otros Cines Indie Film Festival collaborates with the Unusual Films Festival of Buenos Aires (Argentina), the Independent Film Festival of Jalisco “MIAX” (Mexico) and the “Unseen Cinema” Independent Film Festival of Linares (Andalusia, Spain).