Many directors have crossed paths with the Festival through the years. Here are just a few of trailers from the presented works.


► International directors (worldwide)

  • Simon Fellows (USA)

  • Toma Waszarow (Bulgaria)

  • Bima Mandic (Venezuela)

  • Robinson Savary (Luxemburg)


► National directors (from Argentina)

  • Carlos Sorín (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • Nicanor Loreti (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • Juan Pablo Zaramella (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • Adrian Sperk (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • Federico Tarantola (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • Gustavo Schammas (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • Julia Bastanzo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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► Local directors (from San Nicolás de los Arroyos, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • Marisa Sansalone (San Nicolás, Argentina)

  • Willy Burrut (San Nicolás, Argentina)

  • Sebastián Tambutto (San Nicolás, Argentina)

  • Nicolás Ballistreri (San Nicolás, Argentina)

  • Colo Cossy (San Nicolás, Argentina)

  • Jose Luiz Tenaglia