• Sebastián Tambutto

Sebastián Tambutto. Photo by Sandra Avalos.

Director and Executive Producer

Linked from a very young age with the plastic arts and design, Sebastián Tambutto has, among other things, participated in several projects at local and national level. With abundant work in graphic media, radio and films, he’s a producer, panelist, chronicler and columnist of programs and publications such as Post Data, Plural and Barrancas, and Soy Regional, among others. He also worked as a film correspondent in festivals and his blog, Infomovieshow, created in 2009, was the responsible of the creation of the radio program of the same name. He has been published in various digital media such as Fellinia from Mar del Plata city (Argentina) and Latinewsagency, from the United States, in addition to participating as a director’s assistant and stage production of several plays. His contact with literature has also led him to be included in anthologies and book presentations. As for filming, he directed “El aire y la nostalgia,” and has participated in short films and featured-length films (“Algo se mueve en la luna” and “Petróleo” by Nicolás Ballistreri) as an executive producer and art director. Together with César Bustos in 2010 he creates “Juguetes Perdidos” (“Lost Toys”) a creative cooperative that brings together writers, artists, actors and film directors, among others. He participated in film festivals such as MARFICI in 2011 and the Unusual Cinema Festival of Buenos Aires and, together with those related to the cultural life of San Nicolás, he founded the Rumbo Cultural Association Cinema Commission in 2012. Also, in the same year, he became the director, programmer and producer of the Otros Cines Indie Film Festival. Since 2015, he’s the coordinator and programmer of “Cine En La Casona” at the Casona 8 Cultural Center.

  • Laureano Cerminara

Laureano Cerminara

Producer and Graphic Design

Co-founder of the “Cine en La Casona,” a film screening activity that belongs to the “Casona 8” Cultural Center, Laureano is the projectionist, programmer and he’s also in charge of the graphic design and publicity of the events of the aforementioned space. Producer of Otros Cines since 2016, he studied Clothing Design in the Roberto Piazza Institute. Related to the arts, he also worked at the “Manos y Arte” workshop and he’s also the co-founder of the brand “Challuaco: Design with Recycled Objects.” He’s produced short films for institutions such as the “Don Orione” Homeless Refuge, the San Nicolás Historical Agreement Museum & Library (80º Anniversary special) and a special edition to commemorate the premiere of the first film production of San Nicolás, requested by the Municipality of San Nicolás de los Arroyos.


  • María Leticia Sayal

María Leticia Sayal. Photo by Sandra Avalos.

Producer, International Communication and Web

Belonging to a family related with the world of books, she actually works as a Librarian at the “Rafael de Aguiar” Popular Library in different areas. Books, arts and technology lover since her early years, her first ‘serious’ contact with the filming world begun in 2005 as an active member of the team related to the Cinematographic & Cultural Extension project at the library. Her tasks belong to the technical area, publicity and graphic design. She worked with Prof. María Eugenia Fiol as technical assistant during her Films Analysis Workshop from 2015 to 2017. Along with actress and theater director María Victoria Ninona, she coordinated the Local Films Festival “San Nicolás on the screen” and in the same year, she’s summoned by the nicoleña director Marisa Sansalone to work in the art and design of her upcoming movie, “La Mujer Sin Lágrimas” (“Woman Without Tears”). Currently, she also works as a producer and director’s assistant in said film. She formally joins the Otros Cines team in 2018 as the one in charge of the communication with foreign producers and festivals.

  • Tobías Lescano

  • César Bustos